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Children Orthodontics

Children Orthodontics
Prevention & Growth Guidance

Why might a young child require orthodontic care?

Taking a preventative stance on orthodontics, starting between the ages of 5 and 11, can decrease the necessity for more extensive treatments in the future. In fact, the Canadian Association of Orthodontists advocates for an initial assessment by an orthodontist before a child reaches the age of 7. This recommendation is grounded in the recognition that many conditions and behaviors commonly observed in children, such as speech difficulties, snoring, eating challenges, teeth grinding, and more, may be linked to airway or orthodontic issues. There could be various reasons motivating your consideration of orthodontic treatment for your child. Perhaps your family dentist or physician has advised a visit to an orthodontist. Alternatively, you might have engaged in discussions with other parents whose young children are undergoing orthodontic treatment.